Why do we do it?

Every student at Central Catholic receives tuition assistance. Our annual tuition fee covers only 79% of the actual cost to educate each student. More importantly, over 50% of our students receive additional financial support. Without help, these students would not be able to attend Central Catholic! Last year, the Students4Students contributed over $250,000 towards the annual deficit which we must raise every year.

How do we do it?

Students4Students is a direct sponsorship campaign. Students ask friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. to make a contribution towards their overall goal which varies from student to student.

Celebration Day!

Held on February 15, 2017, Celebration Day is an event to reward our students for reaching their fundraising goals. This is an amazing day, as 700+ students and teachers load buses for their destination - Canby Cinemas (donated by a Central Catholic alum) to watch two movies and eat lunch with their friends. For those students who prefer, we will also have Christian Service opportunities available for this day. Finally, students who raise $2,000 or more will be flown to Disneyland, for a magical day with Mickey.

We appreciate the efforts of all our students and families and we are proud of the commitment you have made to Central Catholic. We could not do it without you!


CLICK HERE to watch our fundraising video.